No Unnecessary Features which your School would never use!

We strongly believe that RAROME School ERPs are made to reduce the work. So instead of providing many confusing features, we bring in only relevant features.  With our long experience in school ERP we know, owners are busy with providing quality education to their students. Amidst owner’s busy schedule we aim to reduce workload rather than giving overhead of complex School ERP.

Every module is carefully made with market research based on usage of Administrators, parents, teachers, and students. User Experience is designed in a way to provide user a flawless experience of complete RAROME School ERP.

Moreover, we provide you option to remove or reorder the modules. If you don’t want any modules for your system, easily hide it from RAROME School ERP. Also, you want module used frequently to be on top, easily change ordering of it on the go.

So Go ahead, start using RAROME Suite today!


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