50% off for 3 years

Your school just have to meet these RAROME requirements.

Easy set-up Free 30 day trial Limited time offer
Small Team
Less than 25 employees
Less Students
less than 500 students
Less Fees
less than 1000 USD fees/student
New School
Not more than 3 year old

New School?
Enabling New Schools take-off!
Don’t Worry, We’ve made many New Schools worry free.
To let the new School take-off hassle-free, Just...

1-Subscribe to the Lite Plan(or any other plan of your choice)

2-Submit School registration certificate and approving body’s authorization.

3-Once we have all the details, one of RAROME Agent will call you the School authority for verification to provide 50% off all software services for the first 3 years.


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