Who are we?

RAROME is an organization dedicated to creating solutions for schools that help in better administration.

What do we do?

We at RAROME tackle some of the most critical aspects of school safety. Our innovative solutions aimed at providing the best of safety measures to schools and school going children. Our organization is founded with a deep-rooted passion towards delivering value to our clients. The organization-wide vision of enabling parents and schools in ensuring the safety of children drives us on a path of constant innovation.
A strong knowledge in School Management Solution and RFID Attendance allows us to create customized solutions for schools in handling day to day activities such as attendance marking, Real-time tracking of activities, Alerts through mobile applications, SMS and phone, Event notifications, fees payment reminders, parent-teacher notifications, holiday schedules and much more.

Why us?

Impeccable service reputation - We provide the best services to our subscribers. Period.
Cost-effectiveness - Our products are designed to be both feature-rich and economical.
Unique offerings - The services we offer are uniquely customized towards safety.
Accuracy - RFID technology is used in our systems, providing accurate information.
Real Time - Know your child’s progress not today, not tomorrow, but now!
Help Desk - For Technology based services like ours, 24/7 individual support is a boon.
Unparalleled Expertise - Our team comprises of some of the most brilliant minds.
Commitment - An Organization-wide commitment towards creating a better future.

What technology is used in our services?

RAROME offer hardware and Software services. In the hardware, We provide RAROME Towers and Wall.E for Schools, Colleges, Coaching centers and education institute of any size. Our solutions utilize RFID, Wireless technologies and GPRS to create smart solutions for education institutes.

Whom do we serve?

We serve to Schools of any size. Our solutions are installed in Schools with as small as 35 students and as big as 7000 students.


What is RAROME Towers?

RAROME Towers is an automated attendance system which acts as a complete attendance management system for Schools and education institute of any size. The RAROME towers send students attendance to parents and keep them updated about the student’s arrival and exit at the School or any educational institute. The RAROME Tower help the Schools by saving precious time of the Teachers who otherwise have to give-in a minimum of 15 minutes daily for attendance in various classrooms.

What are the features of the RAROME Towers?

RAROME Towers offers a range of solutions including Attendance monitoring solution, Reporting System, Student Information System, Messaging Functionality and Mobile apps for parents to view Student Attendance.

How does RAROME Towers work?

RAROME Towers automatically captures student’s data from the name card which is worn by the student in the School. When the students walk into the school, the RAROME Towers using RFID Platforms senses the Students name card which holds entire data of the Student such as Student Name, Class Name, Class Section and Parent Phone no. The RFID Reader inside RAROME Towers records the attendance details of the student for the day and sends it to the School Application on cloud server as well as sends Push Notification/SMS to parents about their wards entry-exit in the School with Date and Timestamp.

Do we need a Computer for RAROME Towers?

No, RAROME Towers has its socially designed computer system which communicates with the School Application hosted on Cloud Server or School owned server.

How accurate is RAROME Towers in reading the student information?

RAROME Towers is tested with 99.9% accuracy in reading information

How fast is RAROME Towers?

RAROME Towers has a reading speed of fewer than 0.1 seconds making it the fastest School specific RFID reader in the entire World. It is the easiest tool to mark and manage attendance of students.

What are automatic messages

When a student wearing the RFID name card walks through the gate, our reader automatically marks attendance and sends a real-time message to parents

Are the Automatic messages customisable?

Yes, The messages being sent to the parents are customisable as per requirements. They will notify the parents of the exact time and date whenever a student walks through the school gates.

What else can the RAROME Towers help us with?

RAROME offers Daily, Monthly and Annual Attendance reports of each student and teacher apart from real-time recording and notification so that any anomalies in the attendance can be rectified immediately.

Where can RAROME Towers be used?

RAROME Towers can be used in large schools, nurseries and in schools where attendance issues persist. Use of RAROME Towers solution has effectively reduced attendance related issues in schools


What is Wall.E?

Wall.E is a breakthrough in RFID Attendance system for School that records and notifies parents when the attendance of students is marked.

How does Wall.E work?

The student shows the name card to the device, attendance is marked and push notifications/SMS are sent to parents.

Do Schools need a computer set up for Wall.E?

No. Wall.E has an inbuilt Computer and modem, eliminating the need for physical computers setup.

How accurate is Wall.E?

Wall.E is a 100% accurate.

What is the reading range of Wall.E?

Wall.E is designed to work accurately within a reading range of 5Cm’s

How fast is Wall.E?

A reading speed of less than 1 second ensures Wall.E is fast. Very fast.

Where can Wall.E be used?

The devices can be installed easily in school buses, small schools, and nurseries

What technology is Wall.E built on?

Wall.E works on RFID and GPRS modules to provide accurate and efficient attendance data to the Schools

How does Wall.E interact with people?

The device automatically sends SMS/ Push notifications on the app to parents

What information is recorded on the Wall.E?

The exact date, in-times, and out-times are recorded by the Wall.E, reducing safety concerns and improving attendance

How affordable is Wall.E?

Wall.E is one of the most value for money RFID Attendance reader and starts with a retail price of just 299 USD

School Management System

School Management System?

Some of RAROME School Management System’s leading modules- Student Information System Smart Accounting with Fee receipts and automated payment alerts Mobile apps for Teachers, Parents and Admin HRMS with Leave Calculation rules and Payroll Super Admin Screen for easy role management Easy integration of RAROME with RFID devices Student progress Report E-Learning Compatibe Inventory Hostel Library Transport with GPS tracking

How much does RAROME ERP cost?

We at RAROME provide feature rich solutions that are economically viable. With subscription plans starting from as low as free, the value of our services is the best compared to any other paid School Management System.

Who pays for the services?

The services are provided free of cost to the schools under Lite Plan. It is the parents of your schools pupils who pay for the service directly to the Schools.

Do Schools need to pay for infrastructure?

No, we do not charge anything for creating the required infrastructure to use our School Management Solution.

What about support?

For the first time, a School Management Solution provider is offering 24/7 dedicated support team and fortunately that team belongs to RAROME. We ensure that all Schools’s queries and issues while using the solutions are handled on priority.

Is there any training required for administrative staff?

Yes, Although our School ERP Software provides the class leading User Interface and we provide PDF and Video based user manuals, we are always equipped to provide training to the Schools on Weber or Skype or at the School’s premise. We bet, you won’t need the training to use the software.

Do Schools need to install hardware for the solutions to work?

Yes, Although our School ERP Software provides the class leading User Interface and we provide PDF and Video based user manuals, we are always equipped to provide training to the Schools on Weber or Skype or at the School’s premise. We bet, you won’t need the training to use the software.

How else do the solutions help us?

Our solutions is eco-friendly, reducing the usage of stationary, paper and printing costs as well as associated material costs. The RFID Attendance devices saves the Teacher’s time and the RAROME School ERP helps in minimizing the usage of paper in the School.

What are the Mobile applications for?

Our intuitive real time mobile apps helps the Teachers, Admin staff as well as Parents so that there is a constant and real time communication about the Student and many other School related information.

What is the level of supervision required to operate the services and devices.

Our solutions are automated in such a way that there is literally no human supervision required in case of hardware and for the software, all we need is Teachers and Parents to enjoy the apps and leverage the power of data.

What are the features available regarding the safety of school children inside and out of campus?

At RAROME, we never over commit on what we offer. The solution we provide is School Management System (or; School ERP) and Student Attendance using the RFID Attendance. The devices we install can never provide a complete view of the location of children. If the Student enters the School, or the bus, RAROME system automatically notifies parents by SMS/Push alerts.

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