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    RAROME School Automation Solution comprises of School ERP and Smart RFID Attendance which are developed in-house at RAROME by many bright minds with working experience in Schools. RAROME holds distinction for keeping the user interface very easy and available for virtually any type of educational institute like, School, University, Nursery, Coaching Centre and even a Multi School Brand.

    Rarome team took its own sweet time in developing the solution as we knew that providing the solution to the school is a different thing and knowing what a School wants is another challenge.

    Yes, we know there are numerous independent software applications present in the Schools which provide almost all of the features Schools use for daily operations, but only a Rarome School ERP does it in a way which the Schools prefer. We removed all the unnecessary and painful features which the School authorities never use. Only relevant features make its way into the Rarome suite and we’re very confident that the School Admins, Teachers, Parents, and Students will love the solution we’ve loaded into Rarome suite.

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    RAROME offers a host of adaptable features to meet the needs of both schools and parents

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    RAROME offers School Management System modules with exceptional features and a very intuitive user interface. It's easy to buy, set up, configure and use.

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    Get School Branded Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Mobile apps available for Principal, Teacher, Student, School Admin, Employees, Librarian, Accountant, Bus Driver, and even Security Guard.

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